Splender in the rain
Lady Slipper

Over the years I have walked many miles in Nature. Woods, forest, meadows, desert, mountains and beaches all have wildflowers. Some are the same, many are different. Many have the same characteristics of being very low to the ground. In the early days I didn’t take the time to get down low to their “eye level” to photograph them. Now I have knee pads, rain pants, a yoga matt and mini-tripod to help me get to know these beauties better. I think getting down low has helped and believe my images have improved accordingly. Hope you agree.

Getting to know you

It’s midwinter here in the DELMARVA region. Time when Bald Eagles get the itch to find a mate and build a nest. Wont be long before some little ones start squawking, pushing and shoving for the adults attention and especially food. These were seen along with about 50 others at the Blackwater NWR in Maryland.

Eagles on an Osprey platform
Pair of Bald Eagles at Blackwater NWR

A Traveller

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Fueling up for the long flight

The migration of the Monarch Butterflies is well underway. I have been seeing lots of them everywhere I go here in NOVA. This one was sighted in Washington DC outside the National Gallery of Art. There were seven monarchs in the garden, but only this one had a tag. I reported the sighting but it will be a few months before I find out where it was tagged. There had been a publicity release a few days before near the capitol which may have included this butterfly.

Taking a break from winter

Anhinga, Orlando Wetlands, Florida, @Birds of a Feather, festival, @Palm Coast,

Anhinga Sunning

I took a break from the winter weather to attend the Birds of a Feather birding festival in Palm Coast, Florida. It was a great three days of birding and photography. I participated in three full-day outings and the evening event featuring Moose Peterson. There was fog, overcast, and sunny periods, each presenting a birding and photography challenge. This Anhinga was taking advantage of a sunny period to dry off and warm up after diving for a meal.