Taking a break from winter

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Anhinga Sunning

I took a break from the winter weather to attend the Birds of a Feather birding festival in Palm Coast, Florida. It was a great three days of birding and photography. I participated in three full-day outings and the evening event featuring Moose Peterson. There was fog, overcast, and sunny periods, each presenting a birding and photography challenge. This Anhinga was taking advantage of a sunny period to dry off and warm up after diving for a meal.

A Walk Across the Bay

Race route for the Across the Bay 10K

Race route for the Across the Bay 10K

Once a year there is the opportunity to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on foot. It takes the form of a 10 K race/walk. I chose to walk with my camera. It was a perfect day for the activity i.e. sunny, mild and not much wind. I would have liked to spend more time but I (and some 20,000 others) had a time limit of 2 1/2 hours to complete the crossing. I made it in 2 hours and 52 seconds. That was a record for me – my first 10K.

Multnomah Falls

Sunset at the falls.

Along the Columbia River Drive

There are several waterfalls along the Columbia River Drive, but Multnomah is – in my opinion – the most spectacular. I arrived about a half hour before sunset and made a few shots that were quite nice. A trip to the bridge and I had a few more nice shots. Back down at the lower viewing level the sun had disappeared from the falls and the lights were just coming on. A mixture of lighting types combined with the remaining daylight made for some interesting colors on the falls.

Still on the Road – and loving it!

Mount Rainier at the Reflecting Lakes

Mount Rainier at the Reflecting Lakes

Taking a little time to get caught up on processing and general digital housekeeping. I am amazed at the poor quality of the wifi service I’ve been getting in motels. When the service stays connected it is usually so slow I can not post images. Today I am waiting on a car repair at a Starbucks and the service is great. I spent all day Friday traveling through and around Mt. Rainier. It was worth every minute. Perfect weather and not too many cars on the road. Loving being a Guy with a Camera.