B-29’s Over Virginia

B-29 Fifi (left) and Doc. Near Snickers’ Gap, Virginia

Two B-29 bombers flying overVirginia. These WW II era airplanes were participating in the Arsenal of Democracy flyover of Washington, DC. Unfortunately, the flyover was canceled due to cloudy weather.

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Please Do Not Litter

Real world demonstration of litter in nature

Interesting find in the desert. Rusty old cans nearly gone except for the ends. The end caps are possibly made of aluminum and will take many more years to erode away than the cans. Seems like the right place to put the message.

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Old Truck at Night

Rusty old truck light painted in Nelson Nevada
Light Painting Nelson Nevada

While vacationing in Nevada recently, I attended a light painting workshop with Dave Black. After some instruction and guidance, we were set loose to do our own thing. This is one of the images I came up with. The truck and foreground were lit with a pen light flashlight during a 15 second time exposure. Post processing in Light Room and Photoshop.


C-47’s at Frederick

One on the ground and one going around

Frederick airport in Maryland served as the staging area for seven C-47’s last week. They were there in conjunction with a private plane fly-in and a Fly Over of Arlington Notional Cemetery. Most of the day was overcast and drizzly. Upon the return of the ‘47’s, the sky opened up. Here, one has landed and another aborted to go around for second attempt. I was OK under my umbrella until @Placid Lassie turned to park and I got the full effect of the prop wash.


Circus came to town

circus, Smithsonian, Festival, "Flying", dancing, Big Top, Washington, DC, Sarasota,
Dancing on Air

The circus came to town in the form of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Dozens of world-class circus performers showed off their skills in the Big Top and many other outdoor and indoor locations on the National Mall. More images can be seen on my image site here: