Welder Reston Metro-7145

I got off the METRO at the new station which is still under construction. A welder was working near the exit. Great gobs of molten metal would fall and splatter on the floor below. Fortunately I had a camera with me.

Welder Reston Metro-7154


It was a bit of a challenge to get a decent exposure. The work lights are not nearly as bright as the sparks. The sparks kept over exposing and losing color. I finally hit on a compromise and finished it in post.Welder Reston Metro-7179What a fun challenge to try to get a shot like this on the fly. I wouldn’t offer it for sale, but it is fun to look at here.


Star Spangled Celebration

Largest fireworks display since 1812

Largest fireworks display since 1812

Star Spangled Celebration-3535 Star Spangled Celebration-3570 Star Spangled Celebration-3616 Star Spangled Celebration-3654

The city of Baltimore celebrated 200 years of the National anthem. Tall ships, navy ships and assorted other vessels were in port to celebrate. Most of the visiting ships were available for touring. Along with many concerts and nautical demonstrations, there was the fireworks display in the Inner Harbor. I opted for a close-in vantage point and used a 24 – 105 lens.This lens allowed me to include the National Aquarium which helps place the images.


A few more images from day 2 of the Frank Doorhof workshop

FD Workshop Day 2-1739-Edit-Edit

Up on the roof. Never knew how exciting roofs could be! This is Cheyenne Lutek relaxing before heading out for the evening. These images were made on day 2 of the workshop using what was learned on day 1. A beauty dish with a narrow grid was used to wash the light over her.


FD Workshop Day 2-1700-Edit-Edit

A close up and angle change for this shot in the same location.

FD Workshop Day 2-1783-Edit-Edit

A wardrobe change and Cheyenne is ready to work out.

Using the light meter

FD Workshop-1166-Edit

You can use the hit/mis or trial and error method to determine the correct exposure or you can use a light meter. As demonstrated by Frank Doorhof the two former methods took at least three “tries” to get a good exposure. Using the meter was a one time deal – for each lighting setup. Once  proper exposure for the model is determined, the photographer can exercise creative control to blow out the high lights or balance them out with the subject.

FD Workshop-1167-Edit

FD Workshop-1207-Edit

FD Workshop-1229-Edit

FD Workshop-1192-Edit

I ordered a meter as soon as I got home.