Magee Marsh – Other Birds

Magee Marsh is well-known for the warblers passing through during the migrations. That is why I was there a few weeks ago. Aside from warblers, there are plenty of other species to see and enjoy. Many are quite close allowing for a detailed study of their features.

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House Wren happy it’s spring

The House Wren above is a local nester. He was singing, perhaps to attract a mate or maybe to announce his territory. Like an orchestra warming up, each instrument playing a different phrase, this wren added his voice to the hundreds of others in the marsh. The result was a mass confusion of sound but if you listened carefully, you could pick out the phrases of individuals.

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Red-winged Blackbird

Red-winged Blackbirds were in abundance. You could see them almost anywhere you looked and if not visible, they could be heard. As many RWBBs there were, it was difficult to get good pictures of them. They didn’t stay still long, always moving about in and out of shadows, turning their backs, flying off, etc. Many of the females could be found foraging on the ground. This position allowed for a study of the colors and patterns on the back, but not great pics otherwise.

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Magnolia Warbler preening

Magee Marsh is about the warblers, so to end this post, a Magnolia Warbler preening.

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