Aviation Veterans WW II

War Bird Flyover

USCG biplane

The Leesburg air show was cancelled this past weekend. To help fill the gap, the Commemorative Air Force provided some entertainment with fly-bys and rides. The above biplane represents US Coast Guard aviation during WW II.

WW II bomber

The above airplane is a General Motors TBM-3E Avenger – the largest single-engine bomber of WWII


B-29’s Over Virginia

B-29 Fifi (left) and Doc. Near Snickers’ Gap, Virginia

Two B-29 bombers flying overVirginia. These WW II era airplanes were participating in the Arsenal of Democracy flyover of Washington, DC. Unfortunately, the flyover was canceled due to cloudy weather.


A Tribute to Disabled Veterans

T-6 Texans approaching the Pentagon
T-6 Texans approaching the Pentagon

In a tribute to disabled veterans, 23 T-6 Texans, a WW II era pilot training aircraft, flew past the Pentagon and over Arlington Cemetery today. Three days of anticipation finally paid off.

T-6 Texan
T-6 Texan

Pentagon Flyby-6672

Pentagon Flyby-6671

I set up at the Air Force memorial thinking this would be the best location. It was and wasn’t. I got a few seconds of planes in profile and more of tails. The course did not provide any head on shots. I had a 600mm on a tripod which turned out to be too much lens. I quickly changed over to the 100/400 mm for the bottom two shots. I got a few good shots, none that are great but I had a good time. Now if I could do it all over again…

T-6 Texans in formation
T-6 Texans in formation

Honor Flight

Chicago WW II Veterans visit Washington, DC

I once again had the pleasure of participating on a Chicago Honor Flight. Honor Flight Chicago brings WW II veterans to Washington literally by the plane load. The most recent was May 10. On previous flights I participated as a Guardian. A Guardian spends the day assisting the veteran throughout the days activities. The day is spent visiting the WW II memorial, the Korea and Vietnam memorials and various other attractions depending on the weather and time alloted.

HF Chicago-0018

For this flight I was a dedicated photographer. This allowed me to concentrate on getting pictures which more fully cover the days activities. As you can see, the weather was a bit damp. But this didn’t dampen any of the vets spirits.

HF Chicago-0015-Edit

Due to heavy weather moving in, there was a quick change to Plan B, a visit to the Newseum. A short while later the rain has passed and we were back to visiting the monuments.

HF Chicago-0096

HF Chicago-0150