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Large fungus

A bad pun, but a pretty (to me) image. I happened upon this fungus while strolling along the Potomac River at Ball’s Bluff park. There are large areas filled with the Virginia Bluebells. Part of the credit for preserving the Bluebells goes to Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy for removing invasive mustard plants. Thanks! It makes my photography easier. Ball’s Bluff National Battlefield Park is the home to many types of wildflowers. I’ll have to try and count the ones I have seen over the years.

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Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are showing up at the Ida Lee Master Gardeners’ garden!
Portrait of a crocus.
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Vintage Dump Truck

Me on a circa 1909 chain drive Mack Truck

Was out for a drive on Saturday. Along the way we came upon this old dump truck. The Mack truck was on display at the entrance to a quarry.


B-29’s Over Virginia

B-29 Fifi (left) and Doc. Near Snickers’ Gap, Virginia

Two B-29 bombers flying overVirginia. These WW II era airplanes were participating in the Arsenal of Democracy flyover of Washington, DC. Unfortunately, the flyover was canceled due to cloudy weather.

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Please Do Not Litter

Real world demonstration of litter in nature

Interesting find in the desert. Rusty old cans nearly gone except for the ends. The end caps are possibly made of aluminum and will take many more years to erode away than the cans. Seems like the right place to put the message.