A walk in the woods

Goose Creek-7983

Just back from Photoshop World in Atlanta. Detoured through Great Smoky Mountain National Park where I got some pretty cool images of animals and scenery. Today though it is Easter and the sun is shining, the air is mild and just great for a walk along the creek. It doesn’t hurt it is wild flower time either.

Goose Creek-8109

The Trout Lilly seen above is one of my favorites. Not sure how they propagate… there are only about a dozen of them. That is about the same number I’ve seen over the years.

Goose Creek-8175

Don’t know the name of this little gem. It is about 1/4″ wide. I saw it when getting down on my belly to get a better angle on another flower.

Goose Creek-8127

Another of the wide variety of flowers growing along the creek… and a perfect day to enjoy them.

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