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Dragon(flies) in the park

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There is a beautiful aquatic garden in Washington, DC along the Anacostia River. The main attractions are the ponds featuring waterlilies and lotus flowers. There is also a board walk over and into a wetlands area. It is a great place to see water birds, beavers, dragon flies, song birds and other small creatures.

I like to pick a spot where I see some dragon-fly activity and wait. I watch to see what they are doing. Dragon flies often have a favorite perch they use to observe what is going on. Many dragon flies are territorial and use this perch to watch out for intruders. Once I spot a dragon-fly I want to photograph, I’ll prefocus, lock it down and fire away. I often get several chances even if they fly away because of their habit of returning to the same spot.

I find photographing dragon flies a nice way to spend a few hours in nature. At Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, there are dozens of different types of dragon flies to try to capture.

After the rain

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After the rain

Umbrella, wide-brim hat, yoga mat, water-resistant camera case, and a rainy day. Now and then the sky would lighten and make interesting highlights on the wet flowers. I crawled along the garden paths for five hours getting a few pictures I really like. It was plenty fun just spying on the frogs, praying mantis, watching the lotus leaves spill the rain out, and talking to the park ranger. Rainy day fun!

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Lotus leaf draining rain water

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Dragonfly resting