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A walk around the pond

OIWL Park-5770

A hot July afternoon. Not the best time to go looking for birds but a very good time to look for butterflies and dragonflies. An overcast sky is very nice also. I didn’t have to contend with any harsh shadows – just nice even light all around.

OIWL Park-5801

A good opportunity to create some nice silhouettes.

OIWL Park-5967-Edit

I really like how the pond flora blends into a beautiful background.

A walk in the woods

Goose Creek-7983

Just back from Photoshop World in Atlanta. Detoured through Great Smoky Mountain National Park where I got some pretty cool images of animals and scenery. Today though it is Easter and the sun is shining, the air is mild and just great for a walk along the creek. It doesn’t hurt it is wild flower time either.

Goose Creek-8109

The Trout Lilly seen above is one of my favorites. Not sure how they propagate… there are only about a dozen of them. That is about the same number I’ve seen over the years.

Goose Creek-8175

Don’t know the name of this little gem. It is about 1/4″ wide. I saw it when getting down on my belly to get a better angle on another flower.

Goose Creek-8127

Another of the wide variety of flowers growing along the creek… and a perfect day to enjoy them.

A Day at the National Botanical Garden

Orchids in the garden

Orchids in the garden

I’m not much for getting out in the snow. If you want to see the orchid show at the National Botanical Garden though, get out you must. I did and I’m always glad. There was a musical theme to the show this year. Many of the plants were displayed in wire frames shaped like musical instruments, such as a piano, violin, and very large horn. The fountains were dancing to music and lights as well. I was lucky to have frequent clouds passing over which helped control the light. Orchids are very shiny and don’t photograph well in direct sunlight. After about three hours I had to get away from the crowd, heat and humidity. Still, a nice day out.