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Lady Slipper

Lady Slipper

Spring moves along. Each passing week brings more exciting flowers to discover while walking in the woods. Lady Slippers are just making an appearance around the region. This is the first one I found in bloom. There were about a dozen more in various stages of getting ready to bloom. Now that I found the pink ones, I’ll be looking for some yellow ones. The two different color varieties prefer different environments.

This is My Territory!

Red Winged Blackbird guarding territory

Red Winged Blackbirds become very protective of “their” territory when it is breeding season. The birds build nests in tall grasses in wetlands. They will often perch on tree limbs and call out telling other RWBB’s they are there i.e females welcome, males stay away!

A Fun Guy

Large fungus

A bad pun, but a pretty (to me) image. I happened upon this fungus while strolling along the Potomac River at Ball’s Bluff park. There are large areas filled with the Virginia Bluebells. Part of the credit for preserving the Bluebells goes to Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy for removing invasive mustard plants. Thanks! It makes my photography easier. Ball’s Bluff National Battlefield Park is the home to many types of wildflowers. I’ll have to try and count the ones I have seen over the years.