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Nature and cityscape scenes which are not birding specific.

A Fun Guy

Large fungus

A bad pun, but a pretty (to me) image. I happened upon this fungus while strolling along the Potomac River at Ball’s Bluff park. There are large areas filled with the Virginia Bluebells. Part of the credit for preserving the Bluebells goes to Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy for removing invasive mustard plants. Thanks! It makes my photography easier. Ball’s Bluff National Battlefield Park is the home to many types of wildflowers. I’ll have to try and count the ones I have seen over the years.

Spring Flowers

Columbine on the bluff

Each year I look forward to wandering the local parks and woodlands looking for wildflowers. This year I finally came across the Columbine I knew was there, but had not seen. While exploring the area for another flowering plant, I saw the Columbine clinging to a large rock outcrop. Getting into a better position for photographing the flowers, I came upon many more blooming plants. After about two hours, with the sun setting, I had to move on.

Columbine blossom

End of Season

Season Coming to an End

Walking through the gardens at Ida Lee park, I try to capture all the variety of the flowers through the seasons. The end of October signals the end of many of the summer flowers. I found this one in particular to be interesting. With just a few petals hanging on, it takes on a sad appearance. Soon it will resemble the neighbor on the left. That won’t be the end though, as there are seeds to feed the birds and maybe a few will survive to grow new plants next year.

Mill in the Mist

Glade Creek Mill on a misty day

A misty autumn day in the W.Va. mountains. I was looking for a bright sunny day with the foliage all lit up. What I got was fog, clouds and a bit of rain for six hours. I drove five hours just to see and photograph this mill. I did photograph the mill and falls and everything in between. I’ve seen lots of pics with the sun shining bright and the leaves glowing in pretty colors, but this is my first with all the mist, so I consider it a winner.