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Off to get a Christmas Tree

There are lots (literally) of Christmas trees around. This year I heard of something different – for me. Take a steam train to a tree farm and then ride in a horse-drawn carriage to the sales area. That sounded like an adventure and an opportunity to get some nice holiday images. Passengers were entertained by several musicians and a visit by Santa Clause.

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I bought a wreath for my front door, but no tree. My house is too small for an indoor tree. I had fun and think I captured a few nice images of the adventure. Hope you too enjoyed your Holidays.

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I like trains, too.

J-611, steam, engine, NS, Norfolk, Southern, railroad,

The Norfolk Southern class J-611 steams through Virginia.

I like steam locomotives – who doesn’t. I lean more toward the non-streamlined engines, but the J-611 is mighty impressive. Last weekend, the J-611 made three excursions through the Virginia countryside. She was pulling 20 passenger cars, all fully occupied. I wanted to get some shots of her in the distance, but couldn’t decide on a location. I ended up at a crossing where the 611 roared by. She was going up grade which accounts for the extra smoke. Several crossings made for lots of whistles and bell clanging. Some fun. Some day I hope to perfect my panning skills enough to blur the wheels and rods while keeping the engine in focus.