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War Bird Flyover

USCG biplane

The Leesburg air show was cancelled this past weekend. To help fill the gap, the Commemorative Air Force provided some entertainment with fly-bys and rides. The above biplane represents US Coast Guard aviation during WW II.

WW II bomber

The above airplane is a General Motors TBM-3E Avenger – the largest single-engine bomber of WWII


Mr Lauren Bruner

Mr Donald Stratton

On Wednesday, two (of the remaining five) survivors of the sinking of the USS Arizona arrived in Washington, DC. They were not here for a sight seeing tour but were on a mission to petition for recognition of their fellow sailor who saved their lives that Sunday morning in 1941. More of the story can be found here:¬†…/honors-forgotten…/364303001/

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Sunrise at Arlington Cemetery

Arlington, Cemetery, sentry, sunrise, guard, tomb,

Sentry at the Tomb of the Unknowns

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. This is the one day a year set aside to reflect on the men and women who lost their lives in the service of this country. Arlington Cemetery holds over 300,000 graves of those who answered the call to protect the freedoms enjoyed by all Americans and many other nations as well. The cemetery gates were opened early on Sunday to allow a small number of photographer access to three locations within. I chose the Tomb of the Unknowns. I have visited the tomb many times while volunteering with various Honor Flights. This was the first time I got to visit at sunrise.

Arlington, Cemetery, sentry, sunrise, guard, tomb,

Changing of the guard

Sunrise comes quick on the top of a large hill. I decided to set up and stay put. I think this allowed me a few extra minutes to set up and get my exposure set. I shot with and without flash. I liked the shots with flash on high-speed sync the best. I also removed some distractions in post. I’m pretty satisfied with the results and will find time to work on the technique.

Arlington, Cemetery, sentry, sunrise, guard, tomb,

Inspection of oncoming sentry

Arlington, Cemetery, sentry, sunrise, guard, tomb,

Ready to relieve the sentry

Arlington, Cemetery, sentry, sunrise, guard, tomb,

On post

You meet the best people on the road

WW II Veteran travels to Michigan

WW II Veteran travels to Michigan

I spent the night in Gallup, New Mexico, It had been a long night of travel in the rain down US 491. Lots of road work and plenty of water crossing the road. I got a late start but decided to turn around and fill my gas tank and my belly tank. I pulled into a gas station and saw this man wiping down the bike. Looking closer I saw his hat. I had to talk to him. I spend a lot of time photographing US Veterans in and around Washington DC. This was the first opportunity I had to photograph a WW II Veteran “in the wild” traveling on a Harley Davidson trike. A fun conversation for about thirty minutes and then we went our ways. Sometimes it pays to turn around. Thanks Harold Adams.