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My Bleeding Heart…

Bleeding Hearts and Virginia Bluebells

The Ida Lee park in Leesburg is the home of a garden of the Loudoun Master Gardeners. There is almost always something blooming there. Currently, the Bleeding Hearts and Virginia Bluebells are blooming (as well as others). Bleeding Hearts are one of my favorites. The flowers are so delicate and move in the slightest breeze. They also seem to glow when the light is right. A drop of nectar forms on the bottom of the blossoms attracting ants, bees, and other insects.

A Visit to a Turf Farm

Horned Lark

On a recent outing looking for birds, we stopped at a turf farm in Brambleton, Virginia. We were looking for American Pipits which had been sighted a few days before. Scoping the field we soon spotted both the lark and pipits. I was glad to have brought along my 600 mm lens which enabled me to capture good shots of the lark and pipits.

Raven with Lunch

Raven with his lunch

Last weekend my friend took me to a sod farm in Brambleton, Virginia. We were looking for American Pipets and whatever other birds we might find. After finding our target birds, we wandered around a bit and spotted many other species. This raven was one of those. He landed near us, found something he wanted (not really sure it was to be his lunch) and took off.

War Bird Flyover

USCG biplane

The Leesburg air show was cancelled this past weekend. To help fill the gap, the Commemorative Air Force provided some entertainment with fly-bys and rides. The above biplane represents US Coast Guard aviation during WW II.

WW II bomber

The above airplane is a General Motors TBM-3E Avenger – the largest single-engine bomber of WWII