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Mill in the Mist

Glade Creek Mill on a misty day

A misty autumn day in the W.Va. mountains. I was looking for a bright sunny day with the foliage all lit up. What I got was fog, clouds and a bit of rain for six hours. I drove five hours just to see and photograph this mill. I did photograph the mill and falls and everything in between. I’ve seen lots of pics with the sun shining bright and the leaves glowing in pretty colors, but this is my first with all the mist, so I consider it a winner.

Autumn blossoms

Ida Lee Park-5251

If you plan for it, you can have colorful flowers blooming well into the autumn months. Here in Leesburg, the Master Gardeners have planned well. Most of the big showy types are gone or well on the way, but there are quite a few smaller flowers providing plenty of color throughout the garden. I like to wander the garden looking for late butterflies, especially Monarchs. I usually see a few, presumably on their way to Mexico, taking up nectar.

Getting ready to bloom

Getting ready to bloom

Not all the flowers attract butterflies, at least not that I have seen. Most though attract bees of all sorts, as well as ants and other insects. They also attract other critters like me. Most days I will be the only one there watching as the season turns. I like the quiet. I can hear the birds better. Even my sandwich taste better. Thank you Master Gardeners of Leesburg for your wonderful garden.

Ida Lee Park-5081 Ida Lee Park-5101